Ordering Process

You can commission your Henry Maxwell® boots or shoes either by calling in at 83 Jermyn Street or arranging an appointment. A skilled maker will measure your foot, drawing the outline and various key measurements for each foot both sitting and standing, and will assess the way in which the foot moves and behaves. This enables the last maker to create a top quality last, crafted to accommodate the movement and other characteristics of the foot.

Then you will be shown examples of  shoe or boot styles drawn from our collection built up over many years, and discuss the merits of different leathers and colours and the detailing you might like.

Once the design is agreed, work commences on creating a unique pair to your specifications and we therefore request a deposit, usually 50% of the price.

After about 5-6 months, the shoes are ready except for the addition of sole and heel. Unless we know your foot very well, you will be invited to try them before the sole is attached, so that we can be certain they are 100% right before the final stages.

Since the making process can’t be hurried, you will need to allow 8 months for delivery of your shoes, and in the case of long boots for hunting, eventing, polo, etc., it is wise to plan at least one year ahead. The result, however, after many hours of dedicated craftsmanship, will be worth the wait!

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